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When you have the highest payroll in all of baseball you expect success, but when your best player has a batting average which is 74 points lower than last season and two of your top three pitchers are a combined nine and 15, a few teammates need to pick up the slack if you are going to contend.
Meet the Red Sox fabulous five, whose total salaries are less than half of the individual salaries of each of the three players referred to above - Mookie Betts, Chris Sale and Rick Porcello - who have been disappointments so far this season.
Rafael Devers
Just 22 years old, Devers is putting up MVP like numbers at just above the cost of a minimum salaried player. Devers is the second leading hitter in the American League at .324, which is 104 points higher than his average of .240 from last season. His 62 runs batted in are just four less than he totalled all of last season. The Red Sox third baseman leads the team in hits and his 16 home runs rank third on the team.
All of this at a salary of $614,000, which is barely above the major league minimum of $555,000.
Christian Vazquez
What has gotten into this guy? Vazquez's performance so far this season has got to be the biggest surprise on the team.
Last season the Red Sox catcher hit just .207. At the All-Star break, he is hitting .299. His 14 home runs this season are four more than he hit in his first four major league seasons - total! Vazquez's 76 hits and .299 average lead all catchers in the American League. And, oh ya, his salary of $2.85 million ranks 12th highest on the team.
Michael Chavis
A close second to Vazquez in Red Sox surprise performances this season is rookie infielder Michael Chavis. The only reason he is even playing in the majors is because of not just one injury, but three early season injuries to the three potential Red Sox second baseman. So, not that Chavis wasn't a respected minor league prospect, but his promotion to the majors was more desperation than inspiration.
Since he was called up on April 19th, the 23-year-old has played so well that he has been out of the line up just once playing 69 out of 70 games. He has cooled off a little since his hot start, but he is still hitting .263 with 15 home runs. And yes, he makes the major league minimum. With his late April call up he will make the third lowest salary on the team.
Marco Hernandez
Following in the footsteps of Chavis is 26-year-old Marco Hernandez. He was also called up to the majors because of desperation and is hitting .360 while filling in wherever he is needed. A very pleasant surprise indeed in the 19 games he has played, and at the second lowest salary on the team.
Brock Holt
Since 31-year-old Brock Holt has been around a few years, his performance may not be a surprise to many except that with the 10th highest salary on the team, he is the third leading hitter on the team with a .317 batting average, which is 40 points higher than he hit last season. A freak injury that he suffered early in the year led to the call up of Chavis, so you could say that Holt is partially responsible for two of these five surprises.
The performances of these five players have allowed the Red Sox to stay in the hunt for a playoff spot. At 49-41, they are just two games out of a wild card playoff spot. I don't know how long these fabulous five can keep it up, but the team is counting on Mookie Betts and Chris Sale to pull out of their first half funk to carry their share of the load. Until then these five overachievers deserve a lot of credit.


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